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This song is by Sturmgeist and appears on the album Über (2006).

Kill the weak hail the strong
That's Great Inferno London's song
Glowing cauldrons burning stoves
Rubbish people torture loves

Purge the poor greet the King
That's Great Inferno London's thing
The Grill is hot lay down to rest
Weaklings fail my subtle test

Great Inferno London kicks
Let's party like 1666
Great Inferno London kicks
We party like 1666

Eternal City Northern Line
I purge the filth herd the swine
Hang the robbers from my Tower
That's what they get for hating Power

House of Pain Church of Lust
Scream you will obey you must
Whip I will then pour the cum
I am London Lord of Scum

Human life divided ditch
Below the poor above the rich
Weak men die strong men run
One half in shit one half in sun

Life's lost Death's won
People die but party on
I am London King of Cum
Drink my sperm you filthy bum

Rack of spikes torture drum
I am London Lord of Scum
Spirit storms body heat
May you dig the shit you eat

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