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This song is by Strung Out and appears on the album Blackhawks Over Los Angeles (2007).

This song is featured in the video game Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock.
The wings that take this sparrow break with this weight of mine,
another message lost into the void of time,
Is anybody out there get the message that I send?
Would anybody read it then send it back again?
A call to mend connection lost through memory and bone,
A call to find a new way to communicate and grow!
Now I sold my voice to pay for my security
now I write my sentence on its walls

I'm calling, is anybody out there?
Is anybody tuning in?

One thousand years that Ive waited for a sign
A dream may last for seconds changing you for all times
Frantic incoherent just a reach in the dark!
a message for my lonely thoughts a sparrow for my heart.

I'm calling, is anybody else out there?
Is anybody listening? Can anybody hear me?

The wings that take this sparrow break with this weight of mine,
Another message lost straight from this heart of mine
A message out to anybody tunning in that this whole world is slowly caving in!

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