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It Burns Clean EP (1998)Edit

Stretch Arm Strong - It Burns Clean EP

It Burns Clean EP

  1. Reach Out
  2. Pursuit of Happiness
  3. All We've Lost
  4. Try to Forget

Compassion Fills the Void (1998)Edit

Stretch Arm Strong - Compassion Fills The Void

Compassion Fills The Void

  1. Through My Actions
  2. Second Chances
  3. Refuge
  4. Vision
  5. Reason to Care
  6. Hand in Hand
  7. Serenity
  8. Set Free
  9. Faceless
  10. Amongst Friends

Rituals of Life (1999)Edit

Stretch Arm Strong - Rituals Of Life

Rituals Of Life

  1. When Sorrow Falls
  2. Outside Looking In
  3. Second Chances
  4. All We've Lost
  5. Try to Forget
  6. For Now
  7. Pursuit of Happiness
  8. Reach Out
  9. Set Free
  10. Through My Actions
  11. To a Friend
  12. I Melt with You (cover of "I Melt with You" by Modern English) (Hidden Track)

A Revolution Transmission (2001)Edit

Stretch Arm Strong - A Revolution Transmission

A Revolution Transmission

  1. Means to an End
  2. Worst Case Scenario
  3. The Truth About Iowa
  4. For the Record
  5. Take Back Control
  6. When Words Escape
  7. Kill the Light
  8. Still Believe, Pt. 2
  9. Dreams Away
  10. Positive Aspects of Negativity
  11. Transmission Demolition
  12. Parasite Complex
  13. Angels of the Silences (cover of "Angels of the Silences" by Counting Crows)
  14. Rock And Roll All Nite (cover of "Rock and Roll All Nite" by Kiss) (Japanese Bonus Track)

Engage (2003)Edit

Stretch Arm Strong - Engage


  1. We Bleed
  2. Raise Your Fist
  3. Rising Again
  4. Miles Apart
  5. Devil Shoots Devil
  6. Black Clouds
  7. Defect
  8. The Calling
  9. Ignition
  10. Perception Of Energy
  11. Express Yourself (cover of "Express Yourself" by N.W.A)

Free at Last (2005)Edit

Stretch Arm Strong - Free At Last

Free At Last

  1. The Hardest Part
  2. Hearts on Fire
  3. Faces
  4. The Sound of Names Dropping
  5. To the End
  6. When All Else Fails
  7. Flight 828
  8. Every Last Minute
  9. Landslide
  10. This Time
  11. (This May Be in Fact) As Good as It Gets
  12. A Time for Peace

Songs from CompilationsEdit

Other SongsEdit

  1. As Good As It Gets
  2. Melt With You (Hidden Track)
  3. Still Believe, Part Ii

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