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I Wanna Rock

This song is by Shelly Streeter.

It's Friday night again
Call up my girlfriend
She wants to see a show
But I don't wanna go
Know how that movie ends
Girl gets the guy
I'm tired of living life through someone else's eyes
No more foolish wishin
My heart is on a mission
I want a real man
The kind who understands
Someone who takes control
And gives me what I need
Holds an open door
And sweeps me off my feet
I wanna rock
Steady and strong
Somebody I can lean on
I wanna rock
With arms of steel
To hold me all night long
Warm and sweet ain't my cup of tea
So as far as I'm concerned
Until I find rock
I'm leavin' no stone unturned
I'm lookin' for a Love that will never faltar
My very own Gibralter
Solid to the core
That's what I'm lookin' for
Rough on the surface
Toughened by the cold
But if you dig a little deeper
Find a heart of gold
Ain't nothin' wrong with a little sensitivity
Sometimes a women simply got other needs
Yeah, I wanna rock...
Unturned... yeah until I find a rock
I'm' leavin' no stone unturned
No stone unturned... oh, yeah... yeah
I wanna rock

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