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Fight! Smash! Win!

This song is by Street Sweeper Social Club and appears on the album Street Sweeper Social Club (2009).

This song is featured in the video game DJ Hero.
This song is available as a downloadable track for the video game Guitar Hero 5.
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And the wealth don't trickle down
People pinchin' every nickel now
Even if we don't fight, bodies hit the ground
I spit the sound of a million fists finna pound
I'm in the crowd till this whole thing switch around

Our brains are on temporary disconnect
I shoot my mouth off, I can't find my pistol yet
You can call this music disrespect
'Cause it'll slap you in your face at your local discotheque

Mr. Green with your missiles and rockets
My paycheck burns a hole in your pocket
You told the judge put my name on the docket
Meetin' in the break room, here's what we plotted

Let's fight, let's smash, let's win
We gon' fight, we gon' smash, let us in
Let's fight, let's smash, let's win
Just like gettin' up in the club with a fake ID
If it don't work, we gon' do it again

Your honor may it please the court
Swear me in on a book full of Tupac quotes
After what I say you might noose my throat
Reporters please scribble down a few hot notes

Allow me to be the first to throw dirt on their graves
Excuse me, I never learned to behave
My great, great granny was a Carolina slave
She whispers in my ear, sayin' "Spark the blaze."

Somewhere on the eastside of steal and rob
A whole generation got a McJob
And the light bill still ain't resolved
See the hungry mob pulse and throb

If you got a blacklist, I wanna be on it
If we gon' attack this then we need to run it
If you see my hood man, you might call it ghetto
Politicians are puppets, y'all, let's get Gepetto


Well it's a matter of fact that I'm gonna die one day
But muthafucka, right now I breathe
And I may not be able to predict my demise
But you can bet it won't be on my knees

I'm rappin' at the speed of the falling dollar
They got greed to make you crawl and holla
It's old school like Easy-E's Impala
Ay! Ay! You gon' lead or smoke trees and follow?


C'mon, c'mon

Written by:

Tom Morello/Boots Riley