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Christopher Reeves Just Rolled In From Montana And Boy Is His Battery Tired

This song is by Stray From the Path and appears on the album Audio Prozac (2003).

With each passing day I lose myself
More to the threat of foreshadowing Global chaos.
Greed, Corruption, Globalization.
These are the roots of this new era.
From the greed of a few many will suffer.
A money hungry land lord sits with his family
Celebrating their new found profit.
As a mother and child shiver in the cold
Because they couldn't pay the rent.
Through the tears of the masses
A revolution will be justified.
A revolution for the people, by the people
As a people, we must fight back.
In order to survive,
In order to save everything and everyone we hold dear
For this is God's will on us
He built a world
And we'll watch it burn.

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