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Fire (Show Me Light)

This song is by Strangelove and appears on the album Time For The Rest Of Your Life (1994).

What am I
Surely not this awkward frame
That carries me round
Not part of emptiness that's still to be found
I want to know
Thoughts rain down
World spins round
Upside down
As my confusion grows
Who are you
You look the same but you are different again
With all your questioning that makes me insane
I need to know
Thoughts won't clear
Caught down here
End seems near
As my vagueness grows
I need to know
Give me the direction of a river that flows
Cutting through the land of misconception I've known
Clarify the meaning that I once saw in the sky
Show me light
Clap the dance that circles through
All the thoughts I ever knew
A step for me a step for you
Smoke shall twist beyond my trying eyes
Through a fire rest my place inside
Pondering the night with shapes
What am I
Just another dreamer with sun in his eyes
Another pointless being who was trapped in time
Show me light
Who are you
You hide yourselves away the same as I
We carry on this game of shameful lies
Shown as night
Thoughts won't clear
Caught down here
End seems near
I need more, I need more
Give me the directon of a falling star
It shoots away the permanence
I've known so far
Clarify the meaning of the words up in the sky
Show me light

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