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Back To Life

This song is by Strange Celebrity and appears on the album Remedy (2003).

Throwing it all away
Sometimes I feel like that is all
There ain't a single day
I don't want you
I don't need you
There ain't a single day
I wouldn't do for you
I can't understand the way you feel
But I'm gonna keep on tryin' and tryin'
Until I get it right
A part of you inside of me is dying
So tell me what you're gonna do
To bring me back to life
You've given me everything
How could you take it all away
The place that you left me in
It's so empty
I still want you
Here with me
Bring me back to life
'Cause I'm not breathing
I'm not living without you
This helplessness
It won't go away
There ain't a single thing I wouldn't do for you

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