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Walls Come Down

This song is by Strait A Students and appears on the album The Pursuit of Hopelessness (2008).

I've seen better days than this one,
Say 2 or 3 times over, no closure,
I'm fallin' faster and I've been,
Better off before they went,
And shut the door in my face,
This place is getting darker.
And for the very first time...

The walls come down I won't have a reason,
When the walls come down and reality's gone,
The walls come down.
Sometimes you gotta break your own rules...
When the walls come down (on me).

I've done better things to deal,
When these complicated decisions,
Have ended, here comes another...
I can't win, it's stacking up,
Like a library of regret and I bet,
It pushes further.
So now I've opened my eyes.

When the walls come down,
I'm dying inside and I'm bringing it all,
Down to the ground with me...
(Not looking) Like I'll get my happy ending.
When the walls come down I'll be giving up,
When the walls come down and I've had enough,
When the walls come down I'll be giving up,
Because I couldn't care enough to know when to stop.

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