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The Pursuit of Hopelessness

This song is by Strait A Students and appears on the album Demo (2007) and on the album The Pursuit of Hopelessness (2008).

Once more from the beginning, The clock is grinning.
And I'm starting to get the feeling, Ship has already sailed.
You can't ignore it, The sweat is pouring.
Yeah, it's dripping from the ceiling, Of a foundation that's failed.

Re-me, Re-you, Re-everything we do,
Until everything we've done, Seems amazing and new.
But it's harder than it's lookin', Could be mistaken,
For a book with illustrations, When it's offered to you.

But nothing comes so easy, Looks are deceiving,
This reality we're breathing, Is a false one at best.
Spent years believing, We were deserving,
Of society's un-nerving, hurting, Irony test.

Do we pass, do we fail, Do we both? (which entails)
We succeed as a name, But the name never sells.
Life is walking out the door,
And we'll say goodbye, For the last time like before...

Cause every thing's falling apart, And I'm alone in the dark,
And it's clear now I'm playing with fate.
DON'T BREAK DOWN Just walk away.
Cause every thing's falling apart, And there's a hole in my heart,
And it's never gonna heal on its own.
Close your eyes and let it all go.
Don't pursue what you don't know.

You'll never make it, Everywhere I hear it,
It's been handed to me, Branded to the back of my mind.
The story written, No good conclusion,
This creation of illusion, Spreads confusion to blind.

Just relax, here's the facts, Of what certainty lacks,
Recognition of artistry, Pending collapse.
Dreams are never what they seem,
And we'll say goodbye to the crushing memories.

Cause the days go by and bye. As I wait for a new sunrise.
It never goes my...
Way too many strikes against me... So I... Die.

Close your eyes and let it all go.
Don't pursue what you don't know.

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