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Sunday Morning Horror Show

This song is by Strait A Students and appears on the album Demo (2007) and on the album The Pursuit of Hopelessness (2008).

What's the deal with sanity?
Lost our minds, no time... for excuse.
Laughing at reality,
Lost and found, we're bound to lose.

Nothing's gonna stop it,
You're caught in a dream,
You're never gonna, waken from it.
You're gone... like so many have been.
Someone's gonna lose it,
And make a mistake,
You won't recover, wasted or sober.
Consumed... By the demons of your mind.

Come on pretty baby, could ya, would ya,
Pack and get outta town.
You wouldn't wanna be around me,
When this shit goes down.
Wish I could hold you for a minute,
But I think it's too late,
The entire neighborhood's about to be a terror parade!

We know no enemies, casualties will be the only,
Ones around when the...
Creeps are crowned in the... street.
We're not the kind you'd like to meet.
We have no memories so tonight we're on a killing spree.

Searching for the remedy,
A plague, portrayed through sin.
Sleeping with the enemy,
Evil grows, but no (body wins).

Nothing's gonna change it,
You've got a disease,
You're never gonna, cure it,
It's taken control... and left you with nothing.
Someone's gonna cause a dramatic event,
You won't recover, a clever escape is in doubt...
A bitter ending to your life.

It's the end of your life,
Just a puppet of your mind.
It's the end of your life,
One more moment...
No more time to kill,
No more dreams to steal.

We are the rise of the anti-Christ,
The battle for evil has indeed begun,
The lunatics are starting to run,
This is the sermon, we're burnin' your fuckin' house down...
To all the true believers, middle fingers all around!

We are the rejects, no respect, our intellect,
A margin higher than the faithful bastards,
That have taken away, yeah they've taken away your dreams...
So now we're takin' 'em back!

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