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One for Charity

This song is by Strait A Students and appears on the album The Oryentation EP (2005).

Friday night,
Nothin' much to do, I think I'll go to the show and have a brew.
COC is sucking,
At the
Hero tonight,
It's so fun to watch
Seabass and
Bucketz fight.
This chick won't stop
Rubbing up on me,
And I need to release.
She was a charity fuck, I was an alibi,
Someone's not getting laid tonight.
A guaruntee,
That never came to be.
Guess it serves me right.
She led me on, I followed close,
Imagined I was taking off her
But all was lost and nothing was
And now I'm walking back to my car alone.
Couldn't believe,
That it happened quite like this,
An awkward situation,
Initiation kiss.
She went on and on,
About this guy I know all night,
What more can I endure before I kick over and die?
Don't wanna hear,
About the dudes you wanna bang,
You're making me go insane.
Getting down used to be so simple,
But as of late, I just don't seem to relate,
To these women from the bar I go,
Their minds are twisted,
Heads are so far up their ass,
They don't know,
Just what they should know,
About these guys though,
They think they do so, I will not be the,
Causualty of the hopeless romancy,
It's something I do not fancy,
And just because I'm out dancing,
Don't assume I want your

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