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New Tomorrow

This song is by Strait A Students and appears on the album The Oryentation EP (2005).

This world has left me in the dark again.
Gravity has closed both my eyes shut.
Thought I was fighting for humanity,
But I was wrong as I was fighting for no one.
Now it's all clear to me.
Is it clear to you?
This never ending pain has taken over,
But I won't let it get through.

Just waitin for a new tomorrow
(I'm gonna do it...)
Just waitin for the day to end.
(Don't put me through it...)
Just waitin for a new tomorrow
(I'm gonna do it...)
All over again.

It's happened once to many times to tell.
My anxiety has pushed me out the door.
Thought I could hold back and reflect it all,
But my mind was on a path to destruction.
So now I'm in agony,
I fear I'm being consumed.
And now I realize this will be,
My final sunny day with you.

This is my final day.
There's too much hurt inside me.
Here's to my legacy.
Here's to my everlasting love.
You hear it somewhere up above.
You feel it deep down in your heart.
You should've known it from the start.
The future lives inside of me.

I'm waitin for...
Everything to end.
I'm waitin for...
It all to go away.

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