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Last Stand

This song is by Strait A Students and appears on the album The Pursuit of Hopelessness (2008).

The bomb's armed, Americans are the positive leads,
A nations fabricated honesty is at it again.
(They're at it again).

Laid on thick, the bomb tick-ticks, there's no fix,
The wools pulled over and it's covered the eyes.
(It's no surprise).

Cause these days anything goes,
We're victims of a lifetime exposed,
It's over before you ever know,
They keep stuffing lots of nothing down out throats.

Why do we wait around here?
There's much more to be found when we're out of this safety net.
Because this war they're winning,
Is just another web they're spinning,
Money and blood for them, but nothing for us...
(Give back) Everything you took away,
(I'm done) Swallowing this shit you're feeding me.
I don't expect these words to stick 'cause we're too late.

It's round 2, we're screwed on all fronts, the windows rolled up,
Exhaust is breathed, the back seats are laughing.
(Laughing at you)

The war marches on with our infinite funds,
The fat wallets get fatter, every shooting and stabbing,
(Makes them rich).

The media is selling it's soul, (sell out, sold out)
For the tender at the end of the rainbow,
I guess someone just ran off with the gold,
It's like Vicodin provided,
And 90% invited,
When we're bent on shit they're feeding,
Never find the time to question...

I don't expect these words to stick 'cause we're still here...
And we're not gonna fold so easy,
Whatever makes it harder for you...

This is my last stand, I'm demanding the truth.

Why do we wait around here when there's,
No one to catch your free fall when the bough breaks,
And you're stuck in the middle of no where.
Because this war they're winning is...
Just another web that they're spinning and...
Another game where nobody wins!

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