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How Does It Feel?

This song is by Strait A Students and appears on the album Demo (2007) and on the album The Pursuit of Hopelessness (2008).

You're on the brink of disaster,
How does it feel,
The flight departed, but with no safe landing.
So now you're hearts beating faster.
How does it feel,
Mercy forgotten from your own abandon.
How does it feel!?

How does it feel,
Whoa oh oh.
Living in delusion,
Whoa oh oh oh.
A life on the line,
Whoa oh oh,
Drowning in confusion.
Whoa oh oh oh.

The ground has split where you're standing,
How does it feel,
Sooner or later you'll be clenchin ledges.
But none will dare put their hand in,
How does it feel,
Mercy's a luxury you won't be given.
How does it feel!?

Open your eyes,
To see what you've neglected all this time,
You've thrown it all away.
Perhaps, it's far too late to...
Tell me how it feels to be the criminal,
Of your mind.
And maybe you will figure this out...

How does it feel living in delusion into your better years?
You can see the failures in the mirror...

You've got no where to turn,
Left no bridge unburned,
You've got no self-respect,
I guess you'll never learn.

You should have set things right,
There's no ammence in sight,
You left your life behind,
And I'm not wasting any time...

'Cause you've been gone,
So long, I'm moving on...
The dreams you dreamt,
Forever gone.

How does it feel with no one by yourside?
Lonely, and ready to die...

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