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This song is by Strait A Students and appears on the album The Oryentation EP (2005) and on the album Demo (2007).

Last night we packed our shit into the volvo,
Getting up early and we'll be drunk soon.
We fill the tank and we're headin for the border,
Stuck in customs on shrooms. I can't believe we left a nug inside my glovebox,
When we get out I'm gonna kill my bro.
We're going to
Canada cause the
USA is stupid.
We're going to
Canada where the booze is not deluted.
We're going to
Canada and we don't plan to leave,
Prostitutes at 12AM sounds sweet...
Don't understand how we were able to get over,
Anally raped if we had gone to jail.
But now it's over and we're sitting in the strip club,
Tities on our faces drinking ale.
Canada makes you smile when your 19 or twenty,
But if your 21 there's still a lot of fun!
We're proud
Americans, but it makes no sense, I can die at 18 years, but no intoxicants.

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