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The Word Made Flesh (2007) Edit

Straight Line Stitch - The Word Made Flesh
The Word Made Flesh
  1. Adult Cinema
  2. Remission
  3. The Word Made Flesh
  4. Line Of Fire
  5. Black Veil
  6. The Walking Dead

When Skies Wash Ashore (2008) Edit

Straight Line Stitch - When Skies Wash Ashore
When Skies Wash Ashore
  1. Never See The Day
  2. Promise Me
  3. Taste Of Ashes
  4. Eucharist
  5. Black Veil
  6. Adult Cinema
  7. What You Do To Me
  8. Seneca Tragedy
  9. The Word Made Flesh
  10. Yesterday's Gone

The Fight Of Our Lives (2011)Edit

Straight Line Stitch - The Fight Of Our Lives
The Fight Of Our Lives
  1. Tear Down The Sky
  2. Conversion
  3. Laughing In The Rearview
  4. Cold Front
  5. No Tomorrow
  6. Bar Room Brawl
  7. One Reason
  8. Never Surrender
  9. Living Dead
  10. Sound Of Silence
  11. Ashes In The Wind

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