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This song is by Straight Edge.

I reached this mountain
Never known that I could fall
Bright blue eyes gave up their life
We reached these moments
And at once you were at steel
Did you ever care, you ever ask:
What do you feel?

I long for tomorrow
Two minds that never will be one

...One forgotten
What it's like to breathe all free
World's a hole without a ground
Time just passed by (too long)
Silver and gold are not the same
We both broke together, but
A picture of you remains

I long for tomorrow
No matter for those things were done
Voice choked with sorrow
Two minds that aren't forever one

I just can't resist I'm in sorrow
Don't need no respect for tomorrow
I can't rely I'm in sorrow
Don't need no respectcause tromorrow's done!

I reached this mountain
Now I know that you can fall
Bright blue eyes give not their life
I'll reach a moment
From this I'll shake and feel
Yes I ever cared, I ever asked:
What do you feel?