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​I'm Your Slave

This song is by Straight Edge.

I'm down on the floor I'm beggin'for more
And I realize that you're the god that I adoreI'm kissin'your feet you're all that I need
What I feel for you is more than love I think it's greed

Why are you killing me?

I am your slave you're the stone to my grave
I will love you tomorrow though you cheat me today
I'm down on my knees you're my destiny
I'm your toy I'm your tool but I'm too blind to see

Your beautiful eyes your sweet little lies
I could never live without this although I really try
I really love you I know I'm a fool
Please don't tread me like a dog oh please don't be so cruel

You're the only thing that I can't resistI hate myself and I clench my fist
I should kick you trough the door
But I know that it's hurts much more
All my life I thought that I was free
But without you there ain't any life for me
I don't know what I try to find
I think I'm deaf I'm dumb and blind