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Your Kingdom Come

This song is by Strahan and appears on the album Posters (2013).

I don't wanna eat my fill
And never taste a word from you
I don't wanna please the world
If it means that I won't please you
And I don't wanna have everything
Gain it all but lose your truth
And I don't wanna say a thing
If it ain't what you've told me to say

Your kingdom come
Your will be done

Well I don't wanna build a house
On the sand of the world
And I don't wanna see the storm
Destroy all the things that I thought that I loved
And I don't wanna seek all pleasures
Then be starved on the side of your road
And I don't only want to love those who've loved me first to find
I was never merciful

Your kingdom come
Your will be done

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