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Not Alone

This song is by Strahan and appears on the album Posters (2013).

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I've been watching
I've been watching for a while
Wearing down my shoes
Wearing down the glue
I've been hoping
Hoping you'd open your eyes
Cause things are soon to change
Through all the years of wind and rain

You are not alone

I've been waiting
I've been waiting for a while
For the covered night to fade
And the chill to warm away
Oh Lord because I know
I know you've been blind for a while
But let the water wash away
All those years and all those muddy scales

You are not alone

Child you'll never see your face
Poured out like the winter rain
No you are not alone
You are not alone
And in moments you will feel the pace
Caught up in the human race
No you are not alone
You are not alone

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