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Help Me Believe

This song is by Strahan and appears on the album Out of Exile (2016).

This song is featured in the movie The Case for Christ.
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Song of the Day
September 06, 2017
Whisper in my ear
That I am not asleep
Tell me a story that I recognize
Would You touch my face
And help me believe
That the stories that I know for myself
Are not lies

'Cause I have seen
Heavens doors open to me
I have shook to the bones
And I have seen your face as I lay on the floor
And I have cried
And I have sought
Like a beggar in my soul
Like a beggar in the world just to find you Lord

'Cause Lord I believe, help me believe
Lord I can see but I still can't see clearly
Lord I believe, would you help me believe
'Cause I want it so bad

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