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Hidden Track From Album Page Avenue

This song is by Story of the Year and appears on the album Page Avenue (2003).

What do you know about the leafy bugs?
You wanna know about the leafy bugs, es-ay?
What do you know about the leafy bugs, es-ay?

'Ay, 'ay, dude, I 'ere you wanna have fun 'ith me?
I'll take you out... castrate you an' feed your balls to my dog.

Ah, dude, this is fun man, I gotta deep voice for the first time in my life!

Hey, dude, take it off my normal voice, that's not funny.
Ah, 'ay, i-i-i-it's the best gift to share your bed with a child.
You know? I mean, I had two plastic surgeries, j-just to help me with my breathin',
An' help me hit the higher notes a lil' betta.

They still all go!

Until the day I diiiiiiahie- ah-ha-ha, hoo-hoo-ha-ha-ha!