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That Is Love

This song is by StorySide:B and appears on the album We Are Not Alone (2007).

I've tried to do this on my own, but I keep getting no where
Facing struggles all alone, but now I know that I need you (you)
To get me through (you)
But in this moment things are clearer
The clouds and greys fade away
I feel this weight on me is lifted
And you are here with me to stay

When I feel like there is no hope
I hold on to what we know
That is love
When I feel like letting go
I hold on to what we know
And that is love

I feel hunger start to grow, but yearning to be nearer
Closer to you my soul must go, and I ask you to see me though
I need you (you)
Yet in this moment I feel weightless
The words [dump out and](?) begin to flow
And in my heart I feel resistance, to ever want to let you go

I want your love in my life
So that there's no compromise
Take this darkness from my eyes
Your love gives me wings to fly

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