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This song is by Stories and appears on the album About Us (1973).

On a ride into a valley
Hidden by the city lights
Saw a man
And asked him if he knew a place
To spend the night

As he turned he whispered words
That I knew I'd heard before,
Something strange about the way
That he spoke which told me more

Now come and we'll go moving slow
Keep time with the music
All the worlds are coming out to us this night
Don't be long soon will be gone
No more to this daydream
I can still remember the light in his eyes

Don't be long, the snow is falling harder on
The fields tonight
In it's light the moon will help to make our transformation right
Softer then I heard a call from the village far below,
Words with song that hypnotized me and I just had to go

So hurry along
Sing a song
Keep time with the music
From the past I can call images to mind
Highway signs I couldn't find, could I be mistaking
What I once thought could have been stars in his eyes

Hurry along
Sing a song
Keep time with the music
Sing the words
I'm wanting to keep by my side

Don't be long soon you'll be gone
No more to this daydream
When you wake you'll find your back on city time


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