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​Wanderin' Boy's Last Letter

This song is by Stonewall Jackson and appears on the album The Great Old Songs (1968).

I'm writing this letter to you tonight mom
And this is the reason I write
It's been a long time since I have been home
Oh, I wish I was with you tonight

I recall now five long years ago
When I left there and I went away
I was too young to see I was wrong
Oh, I miss you and dad more each day

Don't ever forget in my heart there's regret
It's not your fault things turned out this way
In the graveyard's a man that died by my hand
We learned lessons but sometimes they're late

This mornin' at dawn I must die for my wrong
Mom forgive me the pain I've caused you
The time must be near the parson is here
And he's prayin' like you used to do

Written by:

Stonewall Jackson