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​Tragic Romance

This song is by Stonewall Jackson and appears on the album The Great Old Songs (1968).

Nestled in the heart of the Tennessee Hills
Among the peaceful pines midst the rocks and the rills
There stands my old homeplace of long long ago
It brings back fond mem'ry of one I loved so

I courted that maiden so sweet and so fair
With heavenly eyes and with chestnut brown hair
She said that she loved me and always would be mine
But I went away leavin' her there behind

I'll tell you the reason that I left here there
To roam this old world with its sorrow and care
I saw her one night in the arms of a man
Hugging and kissing as two lovers can

While dining one night in a far off country town
A stranger walked in and he chanced to sit down
While speaking of loved ones I happened to find
He was the brother of that old sweetheart of mine

When he heard my story to me then he said
The one you love has a long time been dead
Oh I was the one who you saw that fatal night
All wrapped in the arms of my sister so tight

She loved you so dearly but you broke her heart
But stranger from her ever more you must part

Written by:

Louis M. Jones; Wiley Morris; Zake Morris