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Somebody's Always Leaving

This song is by Stonewall Jackson and appears on the album The Lonesome in Me (1970).

Mama died when I was born that July
Daddy took the drinking long before he died
Grandma kept me up until her passing
Somebody's always leaving

I've met Betty Jo at school for orphans
In those two years we saw each other often
A car wreck took her life before our wedding
Somebody's always leaving

Susan Johnson left me three good children
They say the man she left with went to prison
God knows I done my best to try to raise 'em
Somebody's always leaving

Six years ago Susie called from Ireland
Mary Jane sent me a card from Wheeling
The telegram said my son died for freedom
Somebody's always leaving

They said that barroom brawl was all my doin'
They knifed my pal that's when I started shootin'
The only friend I've had lay there bleeding
Somebody's always leaving

This cell ain't big but it's big enough for thinking
This bed sheet makes her rope that's what I'm making
When they'll find me quite right bored there'll be no weeping
Somebody's always leaving
Somebody's always leaving


Written by:

Jack Schneider; Claude Southall

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