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Morals Of A Man

This song is by Stonewall Jackson and appears on the album The Lonesome in Me (1970).

She was a good girl from a family well respected
Until he offered her the whole world in her hands
Then she went with him to do the things he wanted
She didn't know the morals of a man

It didn't take long until he changed her from a good girl
Since he forgot to buy a wedding band
Then he left her he didn't like what he had made her
She was learning fast the morals of a man

Now she don't even try to hold her head up
And they call her names she don't quite understand
Looked down upon by those she thought who loved her
Too late she learned the morals of a man

Many long nights she holds her baby to her
And thinks quietly she has her whole world in her hand
For she has no one left except her baby
Yes, she learned well the morals of a man
Yes, she knows well the morals of a man


Written by:

John Virgin

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