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Let's Call It A Day

This song is by Stonewall Jackson and appears on the album The Dynamic Stonewall Jackson (1959).

There is no doubt you've been untrue
You're stepping out with someone new
Your love has gone I cannot stay
No need to cry let's call it a day

The love we knew is in the past
Once it was true but didn't last
It just ain't right to live this way
Dis-satisfied, let's call it a day

It seems that we just can't agree
The life I want can never be
I won't pretend it just don't fail
It only hurts let's call it a day

The plans we made are overdue
Just hopeless dreams that won't come true
There's nothing more for me to say
So here's to you let's call it a day


Written by:

A. Rose; Stonewall Jackson

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