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​Here's To Hank

This song is by Stonewall Jackson and appears on the album A Tribute to Hank Williams (1969).

Once lived a man that was an inspiration
To country music to the entire nation
I used his songs to learn upon
There's many friends to thank
Like Ernest Tubb or George D. Hay
Wes Rose and here's to Hank

I used to sit around at night
With my old beat up guitar
And I'd wonder how it felt to be
A country music singing star

I've heard Hank Williams many times
Till I learned his songs by heart
They've got me jobs when I was broke
And that helped me to get my start

As God looks down on me I hope
That he's pleased I've worked so hard
Yes, it's true a man can sleep at night
That has worked until he's tired

Success is smilin' down on my head
And to all my sincere thanks
E.T., Wes Rose and George D. Hay
He's gone but here's to Hank

Written by:

Stonewall Jackson