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Voices Again

This song is by Stone Sour.

I'm in my room, I'm biding my time
My finger's on the trigger, committing a crime
My life is good for nothing, and yet I don't know
I'm split decision, God, which way should I go

It's all a joke, humanity's dead
The streets are easy pickins', all bodies and heads
Referring to a fervor, mending control
It's hard to rise above, when you're stuck in a hole!

I've been seen and I've been heard
To think like that is so absurd
And where's your concentration in a maze?
I'm hearing voices again!

And now I'm free, I take what I want
And no one even bothers, to bugger my fun
A scary contradiction that you fail to believe
Of the horror and the menace
I'm about to conceive

Take my hand and mark my words
When I say it's all a blur
And can't you see I'm asking you for help?
I'm hearing voices again!

I've got no one to show me, no bars no walls can hold me
You think you're safe with distance, you don't know my persistence
They play with my intention, Deceiving my perception
This was my last advance, no second chance
I'm hearing voices again!
Voices again!
Voices again!
Voices again!
Voices again!

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