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Football Song

This song is by Stompin' Tom Connors and appears on the album Dr. Stompin' Tom... Eh? (1991).

Football Song

We'll see you down at the football game
See you in the crowd
And we're gonna cheer our team this year
Till there ain't no cheerin' as loud

And if someone down at the Football Game,
Says, "Hey! Why do you scream"?!?

They're gonna realize, when we get the prize
We been Wakin' Up The Grey Cup Team
Wakin' up the Grey Cup Team

Now when its scrimmage time, at the two yard line,
We bulldoze into score.
Then the kicker kicks, and it's over the sticks
And its six, and one points more

And a two point sack on their Quarterback,
And a Field Goal just to be mean,

Our screams and shouts don't leave any doubt,
We been Wakin' up the Grey Cup team
Wakin' up the Grey Cup team

With a 'First Down', 'Second Down',
And 'First Down' again
'Snap' it to the Quarter-back and flip it to the wind
Catch it on the '40 yard' 'n' never turn around
Then you rush it to the 'End'
And get another 'Touch Down'

Now, when the Football shoots from the punter's boot
Their 'Receiver' can be sure
If he don't duck, he's gonna get struck
Like a tank from the 'Second World War'

Then watch him fall down and 'Fumble' the ball
And make a big 'Turn-Over' scene
And the cheering fans will make him understand
We've been Wakin' Up The Grey Cup Team

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