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Entry Island Home

This song is by Stompin' Tom Connors and appears on the album Fiddle & Song (1988).

Entry Island Home
Another day in Ontario,
Working' to pay the debts I owe,
Living in a world I've never known;
And when I go to sleep at night,
I hold my pillow tight, while dreaming,
I dream about my Entry Island home.

And there again before my eyes,
A little boat from Paradise,
Will carry me o'er the deep blue foam;
And then I'll be alive again,
My heart will anchor in the harbour,
In the harbour of my Entry island home.

And to those hills and little farms,
Blue skies and open arms,
I'll renew my promise not to roam;
Where children laugh with glee,
People of sincerity surround me,
And take me to my Entry Island home.

And when the fishing boats return,
Fiddles play, my heart will yearn,
And once again,
My dreams they will have flown;
For I hear the bells on buoys warn,
There's gonna be a storm, and I waken,
Far away from my Entry Island home.

Ending: Far away in Ontario

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