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Broken Wings

This song is by Stompin' Tom Connors and appears on the album Long Gone to the Yukon (1995).

Broken Wings
When the "Big Wheel" strolls around man, do you dread it?
When the workplace gets you down boy, do you let it?
And do you think your boss, is just a jolly old Santa Clause
We'll there's a clause in Murphy's Law, says "Just forget it".

This old world is so unforgivin'
It's a wonder how a good man keeps on livin'
No matter what you try, you can work and laugh or cry,
But you won't fly them Broken Wings to heaven. (X2)

Do you bring your pay-cheque home or do you bank it?
Or does your wife hand up the phone because you drank it?
And does your old dog bite, when you sleep with him at night?
Or does he cuddle up real tight there in the blanket? - CHORUS

Does the phone call say, there's someone at the station?
And your mother-in-law is here for a long vacation?
And man, does she look mad; she's found out you've been bad,
And she's got no time for 'simple' conversation.

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