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It's Not The Same Moon

This song is by Sting and appears on the album The Last Ship (2013).

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Did you ever hear the theory of the universe
Where every time you make a choice
A brand new planet gets created

Did you ever hear that theory
Does it carry any sense
That a choice can split the world in two
Or is it all just too immense for you

That they all exist in parallel
Each one separate from the other
And every subsequent decision
Makes a new world, then another
And they all stretch out towards infinity
Getting further and further away

Now were a man to reconsider his position
And try to spin the world back to its original state
It's not a scientific proposition
And relatively speaking you're late

It's not the same moon in the sky
And these are different stars
And these are different constellations
From the ones that you've described

Different rules of navigation
Strange coordinates and lines
A completely different zodiac
Of unfamiliar signs

It's not the same moon in the sky
And those planets are misleading
I wouldn't even try to take a bearing or a reading
Just accept that things are different
You've no choice but to comply
When smarter men have failed
To see the logic as to why

It's not the same moon
It's not the same moon
In the sky


Written by:

Sting and Rob Mathes

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