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This song is by Still Life and appears on the album From Angry Heads With Skyward Eyes (1993).

This sky is green, this grass is blue
I'll paint this picture and give it all to you
When I'm here I feel so free, it's cold out there
Why can't you believe? It's true, so true
My words fall down
It's true, I need you
Looking past what I believe
Break this silence it brought me to my knees
I'll break past what I've been shown
Now I see that I've finally found a home
Shining star from yesterday fell to the ground, faded away
Look to the sky to understand
I've got my grip, but I've lost my hand
It's true
Take a look inside, I can see what's real
Let loose my pride
Open up my world
In this place of peace, I can understand
Will you look at me, will you take my

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