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This song is by Still Life and appears on the EP Slow Children At Play And Beyond (1999).

So in time I found I couldn't swear by anything
Nothing at all
There's nothing like that which cuts through your everything
Leaving you humbled and small...
But I'm here anyway
Nothing big to say
It's just I've wandered in this dark for so long, and never found my way
Do you think you could smile and say it could be ok? We wont think about that today
It was just wishful thinking anyway
I can't see higher that the walls I build in front of me
I can't see forward when I'm this flat on my back
I find these stones and call them real (could never be)
What began as hope to heal could scar, make me feel whole
It could look so pretty on paper
It would feel so deep in blood
Sit and tell me you story awhile, before you move along... honestly? All this fear can tower over me, sometimes I don't move to free
Fumble to guess what any of this means
Stumble to understand the little I've seen
It seems a dream...
Always so sorry
Found myself wandering and so far away
So far away from home
We all built ourselves much too big
Tangled and hanging by our common threads
Always so sorry
Please forg

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