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Empty Cage

This song is by Still Life and appears on the album From Angry Heads With Skyward Eyes (1993).

The world seems a little clearer now as I rest my head and close my eyes...
I never feel like I belong
And I don't want to hate myself when I don't feel strong
I find it in myself to carry on, even when I feel alone...
Promise lies heavy on my mind, but I can't see truth from lies
I search for hope in your eyes, hope in my life
And Freedom is what I hope to find
I search for peace of mind, so I might know myself
I lost you somewhere along the way
Maybe if we worked on today, together we could put away our armor someday, and burn this empty cage...
Nothing can be sure, and nothing here is pure, but still I look for answers and I lose myself in truth
When I find myself in dirt will I find you? I'm so in love with you
I'm finding things inside me I never knew...
I am dirt
Blowing out of control in the wind
Nothing more than dirt
Nothing I feel could ever mean a thing
It sets me free, my empty cage, this heart of rage...
This nothing is my everything
Heavy on my mind
I rest my head I close my ey

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