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​Too Late

This song is by Sticky Icky.

Verse one

Someone fill me in on da 411
This bitch keeps telling me 2 go 'n' cum
I do mean to be rude
Y shud I put up wit her bull?
Walked in on her 'n' ma friend
Damn I had da ring in ma hand
Shit, ama pop him,
Watch this grand stand
Sparks flying, ama bring ma band
Oh shit, he gonna leave canned
Ama surely go after you
N take back all ma jewels
U beta lay down, lemme show u
How ma pimp hand is way strong
Or would you prefer to get stoned
As for ya scrub nigga
Ill show him later da trigga
Baby I brought you in
N' showed ya all da Gucci thangs
U was a rowdy chick
Hanging out wit this prick
I saw you sucking his dick
Shit you think am thick
Fuck this shit
I ain't gon' bring this hit.

It's too late now
U fucked wit him now
It's too late now
We done now
It's too late now
Oh shit, we real done now
I sed oh shit
We real done now.

Verse two

I ain't gon' lie, it hurts
Feels like am drowning in a tub
Shit all da pains' been rubbed
But ama get him at da club
We met up at a stall
POW! How cud he fall
He was against da wall
I created a bullet hole
Da size of a mall
Not dead yet, started to crawl
People started to panic
Police came after da call
They came 'n' handcuffed me
Its ova now, I ain't free!

It's too late now
I fucked up now
It's too late now
Am done now
It's too late now
Oh shit, am real done now
I sed oh shit
Am real done now.

Verse three

Days go by, I look at my clock
N' am still stuck up in dis rock
I wonder how's ma stock
Not to mention ma flock
Keepin' away from dat traitorous sock
Damn what a bad mock
It's like they just fitted da nock
They scratched out ma life like chock
4 years witout a bitch to suck ma cock
Prison food is just like crock
Feels like you got a real knock
Leaving me emotionally scared, like a pock
Being in here is like a game of jock
Or maybe a touch of hock
They make you feel small like a puck
Real world here, jail there, middle a dock
But when I get out, ill look 4 her in New York
While a sip on a lil bit of bock
She'll be asking me, wad up doc?

It's too late now
Outta jail now
It's too late now
Ur real done now
It's too late now
Oh shit, I know you did it now
I sed oh yeah
So watchu gonna do now?