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​Intro/Majani Mix

This song is by Sticky Icky.

Intro (DJ street)

I'll like to welcome y'all
To da Twurkster album
We came from da Tanzanian region
Wit ¾ million-range man
So roll up wit us (MAJANI)
N' let us show y'all
Da game plan
4 rossa

Yeah yeah check me out now
Am puttin' v in dubs
While niggaz hu use to hate me
R tryna get into clubs
They tryna party wit me
They can't get pussy like me
Can't flow like me
They is just frontin'
They is just cryin' to get in
Chumps you ain't getting a thing
U is just gonna rot 'n' become flops
Like tryna start sumtin wit pussy ass crops.

Everyone wanna pull up wit us
Please get used to us, tryna dis us
Will be poppin' ya fake selfs
Tryna get used to us, u can't excel
Start beef wit this champ
Be cryin' all da way 2 ya gramps
Ull be frontin' while we be punting
Am youngmiles 'n' am wit this group
U hide behind ya bitch, ill loop, n shoot
Smoke this weed, but we got no greed
We called 'Majani' damn rite
We lurved by honies

Homie be frontin'
He dunno I gotta gun
Shot him, scram his brains like a bun
Then tip-toe 'n' take his Hun
Am 'Vybz' get nu'in but fly
Chiks to suck ma dick
We spit out lines dat rhyme
Niggaz be hatin' 'cause we fine
Its cool talk shit, will fuck up ya mind
U heard my line, bitch
Don't steal it 'cause its mine

Here comes 'Krazyscat'
Niggaz be like oh shit
Am da thug hu puts fear
In peoples hearts for o'so years
U be cryin' tryna wipe ya tear
Believe me, my lines r real
Hurt you so bad, u can't heal
I look old, but truth I don't floss
Always where da cross
Urs you gotta toss
N believe me, when you die
Ill always be on ya mind!

Ganja I don't rhyme
I just smoke dat gud shit
Nigga I just smoke dat gud shit
But ill kill for this for this group
I ain't a nigga to snoop
U wanna roll wit us, try dat gud shit
Can't smoke it, grab a drink
N clear dat, shit
Can't take dat too?
Well to bad we'll just have to smoke this shit

I gotta name dat shines
Niggaz praise me all da time
Am da man if, u wan'da beef in hand
If try, no lie ill surely, cress u
Like a tie.

Shit bitch we out of this heap
Don't follow us
Unless you wanna leave twitched!