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Heartbeat of Heaven

This song is by Steven Curtis Chapman and appears on the album Heaven In The Real World (1994).

I pulled up to the stoplight
And I saw him standing there
The cardboard sign he held
Said he was hungry
I looked the other way
And waited for the light to change
As if to say "I'd help,
But I'm in such a hurry."
These are the moments of truth
What would love have me do?

Heartbeat of heaven
I want you to be my own
Heartbeat of heaven
I want my life to show
The kind of love that comes and goes
With the heartbeat of heaven

I know sometimes this heart of mine
Beats only for itself
Full of hopes and dreams, and plans of progress
But this heart beating here in me
Belongs to Someone else
He bought it with His life to show His love
This is my prayer, Lord, today
Let this heart beat Your way

Loving, joyful, peaceful, patient
Kind and good, and full of faith
Self-controlled and gentle
Oh, the heart of heaven beats this way

Heartbeat of heaven, beat in me

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