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Sally Goodin'

This song is by Steve Young and appears on the album Honky Tonk Man (1975).

Yeah I had a piece of pie an' I had a piece of pudding'
An' I gave it all away just to see my Sally Goodin
Well, I looked down the road an' I see my Sally comin'
An' I thought to my soul that I' d kill myself a-runnin'

Sally is my doozy an' Sally is my daisy
When she throws her arms around me she nearly drives me crazy
Love a 'tater pie an' I love an apple puddin'
An' I love a little gal that they call Sally Goodin

Rainin' an' a-pourin' an' the creek's runnin' mighty
An' I'm so damn drunk, I can't stand steady
I'm goin' up the mountain an' marry little Sally
Raise corn on the hillside an' hell in the valley

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