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​The Subject Was Roses

This song is by Steve Wynn and appears on the album Take Your Flunky and Dangle (1994).

Somebody slammed on the table to say we were finished
Well, that was all right 'cause our good sense had long since been diminished
And everyone was blind from staring way down past their noses
The old times were swinging again, the subject was roses

The newspaper man said "You're crazy to let it go sour."
He said "I was singing your praises last night in the shower."
But a fool is a fool when he starts believing his poses
The old times were swinging again, the subject was roses

He reached for his wallet and started to show me a picture
I reached for my bible and started a-reading from scripture
But he didn't laugh, I guess I'd stepped on his toes-es
The peak was passing us by, the subject was roses

And they say a fool and his money soon gotta say goodbye
But a drunk and his memory split when he starts getting high

There's nothing to learn from the past when you get right down to it
You'll do what you do when you do so you just gotta do it
And I'll do whatever the situation proposes
And I'll call it a night the next time the subject is roses