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​Shades of Blue

This song is by Steve Wynn and appears on the album Here Come the Miracles (2001).

I know someday we'll look back on the way we've lived our days
Working like detectives digging through the muck and haze
Count our blessings if we still can find our way through
Shades of blue

I guess someday we'll do our best to pick ourselves apart
And try to draw a line directly from the mind into to the heart
Swimming through the stream of memories and films in
Shades of blue

I don't know what happened, what went wrong or if I even care
Burned out in a firefall or drowned in oceans of despair
And now I try to draw a line to here back from the better times
I lose myself in words and rhymes

And if we have our wits and want to travel back in time
We may amaze ourselves with all the things that we might find
Lost in wine and roses, bits of me and you and
Shades of Blue