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Mandy Breakdown

This song is by Steve Wynn and appears on the album My Midnight (1999) and on the compilation album What I Did After My Band Broke Up (2005).

Breaking bad news
Never was anything you could use
There was just too much time for worry

Memory fades
Into deeper shades of grey
Everything's fine, you barely notice now

Mandy Breakdown

Bruises and scars
In shapes of the stars, good stories in bars
Good for a laugh if you let her

Yellow and brown
One lifts you up and one brings you down
I can't say which is better

Mandy Breakdown

Squirrels at play
They've come to take the nuts away
I wouldn't worry if I was you

Sick and diseased
Crouching down on your knees
It's all so old that it feels so new

Mandy Breakdown

Hidden from view
Everyone lowers their voice around you
All the attention you so rightly earned

When will it end?
Where do we send the bends that mend
All of your friends are so concerned

Mandy Breakdown

Track NotesEdit

The last song written for the record which means we probably played this one no more than five times from rehearsal introduction to the version you hear on the record, leading to the potent mix of chaos, shamble and gleeful aggression all combined into Chris Brokaw's incredible highwire act of a solo. A nervous breakdown in progress.-SW

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