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​Gospel #1

This song is by Steve Wynn and appears on the album Take Your Flunky and Dangle (1994) and on the compilation album What I Did After My Band Broke Up (2005).

The lion and the monkey were walking through the jungle
Till the light they were seeking wasn't there no more
The monkey said "Leo, we're a team, that's right"
The lion licked his chops and then he set to bite

It's all been said before
I don't take it as gospel no more

The lady and the lover were talking to each other
With satin tones and candy corn
Five years later there's pain and resentment
And a stony silence that's as thick as mud (ch)

Me and the governor were talking to each other
'Bout the power of one man to change the world
Two months later I was taken by surprise
When the governor put his vote on the other side (ch)

Written by:

Steve Wynn