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​Conspiracy of the Heart

This song is by Steve Wynn and appears on the album Kerosene Man (1990) and on the compilation album What I Did After My Band Broke Up (2005).

Faded dreams and buried schemes
They never worried me
Promises lost and secrets tossed
They have no remedy
Yeah, you can lay your head
Down in the ground
Or move on with me yeah

Photographs fade easily
They need to be locked away
I don't ask much of anything
But conspiracy
Conspiracy of the heart
Of the heart

Well we made mistakes before
And I know that we'll make them all again
I can take all that along the way
'Cause I know that from here and out
That you will always be my friend
Well it's yesterday, today, and tomorrow
Another bend in the road (ch)

And there's so many things that try to pull us apart
And there's so many things to deny
It's harder everyday to find the love in our hearts
It's not easy but I'll try