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This song is by Steve Taylor and appears on the album I Predict 1990 (1987).

Blue shadows
A Venetian parade
Eyes on a starlet who was yet to be made
He had the thin blue lips
And a fingerless glove
He was a hunter for a prey
To put his prints on

Oh, Svengali
Oh, Svengali
Wide eyes mesmerize
Ain't he clever
Oh, Svengali

He set stages from Vienna to Rome
He promised flowers and footlights
If she'd only leave home
When he secured her passage on an Aegean ship
She didn't know of the power
In an evil man's grip

I knew you when...
You saw a scene in the clouds
You saw a man in the moon
And your mood was enthralling
You could weep for a falling star

He'll take you deep in his debt
He's wanting all he can get
Will your heart hold the virtue?
You've never known that power
That the evil men use

Cried the madman
As he slapped her to life
And then a cold wind slowly sucked him into the night
So come away
To the refuge they can never control
They'll try to steal your body
But they can't touch your soul

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