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This song is by Steve Taylor and appears on the album I Want To Be A Clone (1983).

This song has been covered by DigHayZoose under the title "Steepleschase/I Want to Be a Clone Medley".
A change of habit
Used to go bar-hopping
You started church-shopping, did ya?

It's been a problem
Finding one to fit ya
You didn't feel good, did ya?

It's a steeplechase
Blame your failures on
Churches where you've gone
Ice cold Christian fakes
Turn to frosted flakes

You like the big ones
Worship incognito
Your problems ain't gettin' solved

You try a small one
Oops you must retreat-o
You'd rather not get involved

A Sunday morning
Get a drink of water
It's getting much hotter, huh?

You won't go back there
Must've been the sermon
You didn't like squirmin', huh?

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